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Vincento | P01

• Develop and Launch Website
• Draft and Publish WhitePaper
• Establish Contract Address (CA)
• Evaluate
• Set Up Telegram/Twitter
• Creating socal media platforms and start to interact with potential holders

Gino | P02

• Developing MADAPE NFT market place
• Commence Marketing Efforts
• Enlist on CoinMarketCap
• List on CoinGecko
• Avdex Listing Initiation
• Update Dextools Social Profiles
• Incorporate Trust Wallet Logo
• Reach 1000 Token Holders

Leonardo | P03

• Publishing first generation NFT collection
• Negotiate with holders for future utility projects (GameFI etc.)
• Elevated Marketing Drive
• Creation of YouTube Content
• Promotion on Twitter
• Collaborations with TikTok Personalities/Video
• Forming Strategic Alliances
• Attain Tier 2 Centralized Exchange (CEX)
• Secure Tier 1 Centralized Exchange (CEX)
• Accumulate 5000 Token Holders

Revolutionizing Crypto Social Network

Integrated Web3 Experience: With ApeVice, users won’t just be talking about crypto projects; they’ll be actively participating. Direct integration with Metamask and other popular crypto wallets ensures that users can make seamless transactions, stake, and engage with various dApps without leaving the platform.

Tokenized Engagement: Think of a platform where engagement doesn’t just earn you likes, but crypto tokens. With every quality post, comment, or share, users could earn native ApeVice tokens, incentivizing genuine content and interactions.

Decentralized Moderation: Unlike traditional platforms where moderation might be seen as biased or restrictive, ApeVice introduces decentralized moderation. Let the community decide what content is valuable and what isn’t, ensuring genuine free speech and community-led quality control.

Advertisement Revolution: Say goodbye to intrusive and irrelevant ads. With ApeVice’s Web3 advertising, projects can directly target and engage with their desired audience, ensuring relevance and effective communication. Users, on the other hand, can be rewarded for viewing and interacting with these ads, making advertising a win-win on the platform.

Interoperability and Cross-chain Communication: With the growth of multiple blockchain ecosystems, ApeVice could act as a bridge for discussions, allowing users from Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and other chains to come together, share insights, and even facilitate cross-chain activities.

Knowledge Hubs: Introduce dedicated sections for newbies, intermediate users, and experts. These hubs can provide tutorials, AMAs with crypto project founders, deep dives into various projects, and much more, making ApeVice the one-stop platform for crypto learning and networking.

Integrated Marketplace: As NFTs and DeFi projects continue to grow, ApeVice could introduce a marketplace. Users can trade, showcase, and discover new NFTs or DeFi platforms, all while discussing and engaging with the community.

Events and Virtual Summits: Organize and host virtual crypto events, summits, and webinars, bringing together industry leaders, enthusiasts, and newcomers. This not only promotes networking but also ensures ApeVice is at the forefront of the latest trends and discussions.


Security and Privacy First: Ensure top-notch security for user data and transactions. Incorporate the latest encryption technologies, provide regular security audits, and make user privacy a top priority.

In essence, ApeVice isn’t just another social platform; it’s a holistic crypto ecosystem where discussions lead to action, where every user is not just a participant but a stakeholder, and where the world of crypto finds its voice, free from biases and centralized controls.

About us

In the gritty landscape of 1978 Colombia, an unsuspecting primate was born. His life was violently shaken up when a ruthless cartel annihilated his family, kidnapping the innocent infant and selling him into the sterile, cold world of a corporate behemoth, Genometric.

Inside the clinical walls of Genometric, the chimp was thrust into the underworld of experimental biology. His DNA became the playground for the conglomerate’s inhumane genetic testing. One day, a distracted assistant unknowingly spilled a gram of cocaine from the previous night’s escapades into a batch of gene-altering vaccines.

The impure serum, now injected into the chimp, sparked an extraordinary metamorphosis. He began to evolve rapidly, with an uncanny flair akin to a kingpin seizing control of his empire. His coat developed a unique luster, his self-assuredness was riveting, and he exhibited dancing prowess that was startlingly compelling.

The transformation birthed a new persona, mirroring the audacious ascent of Tony Montana in Scarface. Now, the primate was not just a regular chimp. He had become MADAPE, the undisputed lord of his own jungle, resonating with the untamed vitality of Miami’s underworld.

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